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Dynavector SuperStereo Processor SSP-5

Discontinued model

As stated several times in this literature, SuperStereo was created and developed for realizing the life-like reality of music performance. Variant conjugation of the phase velocity and group velocity components in the sound pressure waves of real music in a concert-hall makes the very comfortable feeling of music to the listeners.

In other words, for enjoying music, Dispersion of wave form is more or less essential, otherwise music becomes dry-sounding and thin like a orchestral performance in a open field. This means, when we listen to music through audio equipments, played-back sound should be comprised of proper group velocity components through out the frequency spectrum of the music wave forms. As you can notice in many occasions that sound character of music in each concert-hall or studio has strong individuality. This means that each hall or studio has its own individual dispersive character of the acoustic space inside there.

Dynavector SuperStereo processor DV SSP-5 can develop the group velocity components from the music signals which is recorded by microphones, and control the magnitude and character of group velocity distribution throughout the entire frequency range of the music. Listeners can tune to the best condition to match the reproduced sound character with the music you want to hear by selecting a switch position from four push-switches which represent four typical dispersion characters. You can do this by a remote controller from the listening position.

Balance between front, middle and rear can be adjusted to the listeners preference by manual control of two balance knobs on the front face of SSP-5.

SSP-5 processor

SuperStereo Processor SSP-5

Type Analog-Digital SuperStereo Processor
Impedance 50Kohms
Input Voltage input A,B-high 2.5volts/ low1.0volt,Aux in-1.5volts
Maximum Output Level 3volts
Load Impedance more than 10Kohms
Delay Time Digital8-128msec
Reverb:analog and digital delay feed back gain
Power Supply Voltage AC100volt,50/60Hz
Size 430Wx83Hx343Dmm
Weight 6.9Kg

SuperStereo 6 Channels Power Amplifier SSA-6A

Type 6 Channel Power Amplifier
utput Power Front 35+35W(8ohms) ,50+50W(4ohms)
Center35+35W(8ohms), 50+50W(4ohms)
Rear 70+70W(8ohms),100+100W(4ohms)
Frequency Response 5-100KHz+1,-1.0dB
T.H.D. less than 0.01%(8ohma,1KHz)
Input Sensivity 500mVolts/20Kohms
Protection Thermal,Short,DC protection circuit
Type SuperStereo analog delay for SSP-5
Frequency Response 20-20KHz;+2-2dB
Input Voltage 2.2volts
Load Impedance more than 10Kohms
Power Supply Voltage AC100volts, 50/60Hz
Size 430xW85xH400Dmm
Weight 13Kg

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