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Dynavector DV 500

Well Tempered Lab designed turntable


The latest version of the DV 500 turntable, whilst still retaining all the virtues of the original Well Tempered Lab designs, includes the exclusive ‘zero clearance’ bearing and polyester thread belt. It also features a plinth manufactured from multi layer Plywood encapsulated in aluminium anodised plate. Further damping and isolation is achieved with Well Tempered Lab’s proven ‘squash ball’ isolation between layers of Sorbothane. Both the cosmetic and engineering of the Well Tempered Lab design are expressly intended to facilitate the best ever and most stable platform for the unique DV507 tonearm. The new DV 500 turntable comes complete with electronic speed control with both 33 and 45 rpm switching. It also features both 12V and 24V output sockets to power phono stages such as the Dynavector P75.

DV500 with DV507MKII
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Nominal speeds: 33/45 RPM
Output: 507 RCA L/R Pin
Power Supply: 110/240v Standard IEC mains
For an in-depth technical description visit the www.welltemperedlab.net

The DV500 is supplied in conjunction with Well Tempered Lab (https://www.welltemperedlab.net/) and all sales enquiries should be directed to Well Tempered Lab:

Email: frank@welltemperedlab.net
Email: ken@welltemperedlab.net

Please note: The DV507 tonearm is only available directly from Dynavector Tokyo and must be purchased separately.