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Warranty Service

Dynavector products are warranty against defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover stylus wear and is void if the cartridge has been subject to misuse, accident, or negligence or has been tampered with or modified in anyway without the written authorisation of Dynavector Systems Limited.

Outside Japan local warranty is restricted to cartridges purchased within the territory. Dynavector official distributors abroad are only under contractual obligation to service under warranty products sold through them. They are entitled to make a non-refundable charge for service to products purchased outside the territory if required.

If you require warranty or exchange service, please contact your local Dealers or the Dynavector official distributor in your country.

Dynavector distributors are not permitted to offer Dynavector products for sale through any online auction services. Products purchased via such sites are not covered under our normal warranty programme.

Exchange Service

Dynavector cartridges are all moving coil and largely hand built. They have no user replaceable stylus assembly. Out of warranty cartridges are eligible to qualify for discount on a replacement cartridge of equal value. (exchange service)

Dynavector also offer a rebuild service for our more expensive models. This entails the installation of a complete new stylus assembly including the rubber damping using the existing body and magnet assembly.

To activate any aspects of our exchange service please contact your dealer or the official distributor in the country of purchase.

Dynavector reserve the rights of discretion in all warranty or non-warranty claims with the assurance they will act within the best interests of all loyal Dynavector customers. No monetary refunds are ever available.

Buyer Beware / Grey Market