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Dynavector Systems

Dynavector is highly regarded as a manufacturer of the finest high-performance moving coil phono cartridges and a unique bi-axial tonearm based on technically advanced theories and unique production technologies.

MC cartridge XX-2A


MC Cartridge XX-2A

The new magnetic circuit has significantly enhanced sound quality, delivering unrivalled resolution, smooth wide-range expression, and expansive sound field. Experience the natural and dynamic sound of the Dynavector XX-2A cartridge, where an exceptional vibration system harmonises seamlessly with an optimised magnetic circuit.

MC cartridge XV-1t

Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

Innovatively designed moving coil cartridges since 1975. The music lover can be guaranteed listening pleasure at any price point.

Tonearm DV 507MKII

Advanced Design Tone arm and Turntable

The DV507MKII is a bi-axis, inertia controlled, dynamic balance type tonearm and allows any type of cartridge to trace the signal groove with extreme accuracy.

Step Up MC Transfomer SUP-200

Electrical Products

Unique design of the SuperStereo is based on theoretical and practical studies of sound wave propagation.