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Grey Marketing

Buyer Beware / Grey Marketing

Occasionally some of our products become available on internet sale sites such as "Ebay" and "Audiogon". Frequently these products are mis-represented and may not be genuine. Although sold as "new" they can be second-hand, not current models, serial numbers can be tampered with and in some cases completely removed. We urge you not to purchase these items as Dynavector can not guarantee warranty or service on mis-represented products.

Dynavector policy on "grey marketing"

Since the event of the internet we have encountered the rise of the so called "grey market". The grey market allows for some unscrupulous individuals to operate and profiteer due to currency differences and the cost of operating a business under the myraid of varying conditions required to maintain such a business.

They also frequently escape from the necessity of paying duty, taxes, providing warranties or any back up service whatever. They operate without any official selling rights and frequently obtain money for products they cannot legitimately access. In some instances gaining payment for goods they are unable to deliver whilst demeaning the brand and raising doubts over the products actual value.

Dynavector take a very strong position on this situation and strictly forbid our distributors to sell outside their designated territory. Our products offer excellent value in all markets against all competition. We value and support our international distributors without whom our products would simply fail to exist, along with our Stylus Replacement and Warranty service of which we are justifiably proud.

In a sincere effort to provide all Dynavector owners with our services, for those customers who may have purchased a Dynavector product from a grey marketer, Dynavector is prepared to reinstate your warranty. Just contact us or the distributor in your country with a serial number of your cartridge, date of purchase and where you obtained your cartridge from. If your cartridge was indeed manufactured by us and is within the normal terms of our warranty, your warranty will be reinstated from the original date of purchase. Otherwise Dynavector cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by an unapproved source, particularly those from some online stores.

In no event shall Dynavector Systems LTD be liable for incidental or consequential damages due to breaches of our warranties or other warranties implied by law.

NOW: Hopefully, free from this onerous distraction we can continue to design and manufacture "Leading Edge" products made from high performance materials, encouraging feedback and a pure love of analog reproduction.