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Dispersion Theory

Dispersion Theory based on KARAT


Since released from the high output voltage constraints. In the moving coil cartridges design, Dynavector has been given the free hand to design the low output cartridges by making the best use of the more academic theory than the conventional frequency domain design.

In 1979 DV/KARAT DIAMOND and RUBY appeared in the market place as the first products of this design policy. DV/KARAT is designed to have the very small dispersion character as well as the well extended frequency response up to 70kHz.

The theory of dispersion on the cantilever vibration is unduly overlooked in the design of the high performance cartridges. These cartridges have marvelous frequency response in similarity but sound individually.

This paradox can be analyzed only by the dispersion theory. Dynavector is the first and still only one company designing cartridges by both theory of dispersion and frequency response.

Since the debut of KARAT DIAMOND, we recognized the truth of the dispersion theory. And by the rapid advancement of the laser technology in these years, the more precise cutting and forming became possible. This condition made it easier and possible to produce the shorter diamond cantilever.

disoersion drawing

Here the effect of dispersion shown by Fig.A to C. Fig.A is input square wave form comprising harmonic frequency components up to 200th higher harmonic component. Fig.B shows the wave deformation by the dispersion in 7mm length aluminium cantilever. Fig.C shows the effect of dispersion of 1.7mm length solid diamond cantilever.

By the shorter and stiffer material the smaller dispersion effect is recognized by these diagrams. In these calculation the frequency response of each cartridge was assumed ideal.

These newest design concepts of this cartridge can be easily recognized by your ears by playing the conventional discs, not particularly by the current direct cut discs.

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that such a magnificent performance of the diamond cartridge can be enjoyed by much more customers looking forward to hearing the truth in the music.

KARAT 17 D2 MK2 is truly the product of the newest technology and concepts which comprises the minimum dispersion, widest frequency response and the biggest tracking ability as well as the reasonable price.

Frequency Response for KARAT 17D2MK2